Why AKF?

Although the reasons for enrollment at our academy are as varied as the people who train with us, they all have one thing in common: they are looking to change, enhance, build on, spice ­up, improve or transform their lives.


● Are you in a rut? Need a spark?
● Are you looking for something unique and challenging to do?
● Do gyms lack what you need to keep you focused on your goal?
● Would you like to lose weight and keep it off?
● Has your doctor suggested exercise/weight loss, but you’re just not sure how to go about it?
● Would you like to feel confident in your ability to protect and defend yourself? Your family?
● Would you like to feel the confidence you need to ask for that raise? Apply for the next position? Get recognition?
● Would you like to experience the joy of setting meaningful goals and actually achieving them?



● Does your child need an activity that stimulates his/her mind as well as their body?
● Would you like your child to be the first to raise his/her hand in class?
● Would you like better behaved children?
● Would you like your child to demonstrate more self­discipline?
● Would you like to see more respect from your child?
● Are you concerned about weight/fitness with your child?
● Are you seeking to connect and deepen your relationship with your child?


Benefits of Martial Arts

● Become secure and confident in yourself and your talents.
● Reduce stress and increase energy.
● Increase your stamina, your will­power, your mind­power and your personal power.
● Train every time with a personal trainer – someone who is tuned into your learning style, cares about your progress, and sets out to help you do better than you did last class.
● Sleep better, eat better, feel better.
● Become a Black Belt family.
● Get out of your rut and wake up to life.
● Start Living More Fully Today!

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